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Twin 2in1 book case + silicon Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J710FN (2016) black



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Twin 2in1 case is a combination of practical retractable cover on the phone closed with a strong magnet, and the detachable magnetic overlay. Allows the choice of the form used in the case depending on your needs.

Case is made of high quality eco leather, which gives it an elegant look. Leather hem is located on both the top and in the middle of the cover
and an stitching on the edges are additional to strengthen the case.

A removable magnetic insert is made of durable silicone, which allows for stable mounting inside the phone. It has cutouts e.g. for the charger and the camera lens. At the rear is mounted a powerful magnet, so that the overlay is adjacent to the cover and which also allows quick assembly and disassembly according to your needs.

Inside there are four practical pockets that can accommodate the necessary documents, cards or money.