Mitrumizturīga velosipēda velo soma / turētājs WILDMAN with touch screen G86 4L 4-7"


Waterproof 4-liter bicycle shoulder bag. Mounted on the handlebar of a bicycle, scooter or scooter, it is also a handy compartment and a cover for a smartphone. Equipped with a transparent window, it allows you to use the phone and navigation. It has a reflective logo.

The cover is made of reinforced EVA, PU and TPU plastic, so you don't have to worry about your gadgets when the bike hits or falls. Equipped with a stable quick-mount bracket on the handlebar. It has a shoulder strap and reflective logo.

The case has a place for a phone with a transparent, compatible with the touch function window, allowing the free use of the smartphone and navigation, without removing the device from the pannier. The waterproof construction protects against moisture and splashes, so you can use the cover in the rain.

The case has a special cutout on the bottom for the headphone cable. The bag has many spacious pockets.

Material: EVA + PU + TPU
Capacity: 4l
Installation diameter: 2-3 cm round pipe
Weight: 779 g
Dimensions: 310 * 200 * 190 mm

Compatibility: with 4 "-7" mobile devices +37122002285